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Leather furniture manufacturer must be the greatest factor determining the quality of the leather furniture provided. Leather furniture is unlike other furniture made from other materials, it needs special treatment to the leather materials as well as the balance of the design with other materials used in the furniture construction. That is why the manufacturer should have great skills in making the furniture. Being smart in seeing the market is also important to be able providing furniture in good looking design based on the need of the customers. To get high quality leather furniture, you should find the best manufacturer that produce the furniture.

The Design of the Leather Furniture

A reliable leather furniture manufacturer must come with high quality design for all of the products. The design isn’t only based on the trend but also coming in innovative designs that improve the comfort and look of the interior design. So when you display the furniture into your home, it will bring the sense of classy look and giving comfort while you are sitting on the chair or sofa. A reliable leather furniture manufacturer also must produce leather furniture in variety of design. It means that you have such kind of freedom to choose the most suitable design of furniture for your home or business space.

Giving the Best Service for the Customers

When choosing a leather furniture manufacturer, you also need to choose the one with best service given to the customers. It is not only when you ask them about the available products but also until the furniture is going to ship as well as the after selling service. Make sure the manufacturer guarantees the quality and also the goodness of the furniture as long as the shipping time. It means that the furniture is well and safely packaged so there will no scratches or even damage on the furniture when it is accepted by the customers. Besides, you may also need to purchase insurance for the furniture. It will give peace of mind when the furniture is shipped, because you will get the compensation to repair or replace whenever you find any damages.

Therefore, make sure you choose such reliable leather furniture manufacturer to make sure that you will get the best quality furniture and also services from the manufacturer. It will certainly improve your satisfaction in purchasing the leather furniture for any kind of application at home, office or business spaces.

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Simple Tips on How to Buy Imported Leather Furniture

Thinking twice and thrice, collecting surveys and reviews about imported leather furniture: these are probably the most important thing you have to do before you decide to have a set of this amazing furniture. Speaking of leather furniture, especially imported ones, is like talking about how you design a living room. How will you want it and how will it turn to be? Leather is a very sensitive material, and what it means by sensitive is that it tends to be expensive. There is a price, there is a good stuff; this is the time when you have to pick up one goods that can make your living room glow.

Choose One Trusted Furniture Shop

Furniture shop is a crucial part. You will not find a good piece of furniture made with leather if you do not find the trusted shop first. Make sure that you have chosen one good trusted shop that can serve you in a friendly way. Normally, when you want to choose an imported leather furniture, there is important thing to consider and that is when you will always ask the shopkeeper, the owner, about the furniture they have. You can do some survey before you begin to choose, though.

Pay Attention to the Material

Having chosen the trusted shop, next thing you have to do is to examine the material. It is highly suggested if you would come to the shop and see the original look, the original pattern, and the original material as well. This is leather and not a few owner of the shop try to convince you to buy the best, but will they give the best? You can also tag along one or two close friend or family that once has bought this kind of furniture. A second opinion would be needed indeed. As the old saying, “two heads are better than one”.

Treatment Awareness

If you have already chosen your desired leather furniture, then, make sure before picking up one, you have to consider about the furniture treatment. Indeed, it is not easy, but it is not difficult too. The most important thing is that you know what you must do and give whatever it needs in certain period. To maintain your furniture, especially one made of leather, it is very important to take care of it well. In addition to the awareness action, you can also ask the shop if they provide their team as well to come to your house to clean it up.

Happy shopping and get your imported leather furniture!


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The History of American Colonial Leather Furniture

Besides the groundwork, the colonial American also provided unique and rich styles of colonial leather furniture making aspect. There are at least five changes of stylistic in decoration interior modes in this period. Every mode had their trend and favored characteristics. The furniture style got the great influences from the European furniture brought by the settlers as well as the renaissance and medieval designs, although they should fit the American patrons’ need.

Even though the great number of stylistic times covered the colonial era in the history of America, seating supposed obviously throughout them all, because it offered insight into economic and social structures in that time. Even a chair with simplest design was thought as luxury in that period and everyone who sat on the chair should be the most important people inside the room. Meanwhile, visitors or other people in the room commonly would have shared seats on benches, which became simple couches or sofas.

All furniture including the colonial leather throughout this time was handmade and every element of the furniture was made by order. The typical process of the furniture construction was joining and turning the wood, which connected the small pieces of wood or framed out the larger pieces of the wood. Most people in that era though that the custom made furniture was too expensive to afford, moreover if the furniture was made in intricate elements of design such as the Federal Empire furniture style or the furniture with fabrics or carvings.

Benches or stools were the most common seats at homes. They were enthusiastically made to suit the needs of the daytime of the owners. Sofas and couches were very rare in that period because of the expensive fabrics and manufacturing cost. Meanwhile, the daybeds were considered as the furniture of rich people because they could provide comfortable sleeping place for the guests even though it wasn’t in a private room.

The colonial leather furniture began to be appreciated and widely used in the last century of the period. It was considered as wealthy elite furniture that was rarely seen in port side cities and outside the urban. Nowadays, the leather furniture becomes a part of furniture options with classy interior design. It also has been designed in kinds of style to fulfill the needs of the modern people who still love the colonial designs of furniture including sofas, couches, dining chairs, etc.

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One of top selling products from our company is a bench called Rhynos. This bench as its name tells, is quite strong and sturdy in construction. We have shipped this product to several countries in Europe and also USA. There are two common types of this bench, namely genuine cow leather Rhynos bench and hairy cow or goat hide Rhynos bench.

As it has solid teak wooden frame and upholstered in genuine cow leather with colonial brown finish makes this product strong, durable and most importantly marketable. No wonder our customers repeatedly order this item in mass and continuously reorder again and again

Interested in knowing this product in more details? Write any comment below or send inquiry letter to our e-mail as follows:



Leather bench Rhynos

Rhynos bench with Genuine Cow Leather


Rhynos bench cow hide

Rhynos bench with Natural cow hide


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