When it comes to leather ottoman, it must be a very interesting topic to discuss. Seeing from the name, the authenticity has given us a lot of feels. The feels to have it in our bedroom, the feels to have it in our kitchen, or the feels to have it in our living room where mostly our guests will enjoy their time there. Looking at the design, there are some type of leather ottoman. The first is the traditional type and the second one is the modern type. If your house has a modern style, or the traditional one, these following tips might be useful for you to mix and match with the room. Check this one out!

Traditional Looking

Leather Ottoman will always be related to one traditional sphere, somewhere and a long time ago in Turkey. The design and the color can match in a pretty traditional room with a hint of wooden table and wooden style on the wall. When it comes to mix it with the room, you can always see from the floor and from the wall. The modernity will no longer exist, because this traditional one seems very natural and inspiring.

There are some shapes too for the traditional type of ottoman stool. The one with square, the one with circle, or the one with a longer shape. The characteristic is still the same as well as the color played. No biggies, the shape will not disturb the look of your already-traditional room. This type can even state the truest look of Ottoman Empire long time ago. Fancying that would be so lovely. Do not forget to also see the whole colors of furniture. Contrast it. Play a little with color. Light it up.

Modern Looking

The modern look of leather Ottoman is more colorful, though. Still, it does not lose the sense of having an Ottoman sense in your room. The material, the design, and also the decoration is also applied in the houses in Turkey. The look is a little different because the wooden accent is played in a softer tone. It plays with crème, beige, or peach color with a little hint of mint or green ones. A very interesting and unique design! This can be very suitable for you who want to keep the traditionalistic sense as well as the modern ones. A very clever combination of leather Ottoman!

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