Leather dining chair is a great choice of dining chair type to create an elegant and high class look into your dining room. It is important to choose the best dining chair type to make it balance into the room and bring comfort in the same time. Dining chairs must be a chair type with flat and raised surface for sitting individually during mealtimes around a dining table. The chairs have four legs in equal height to support the flat surface. It also has high back that promote good body posture to eat and also support the body weight. More than the general description of a dining table, it is designed in various style to support the dining comfort and also elegance of the dining room. Even some dining chairs are also designed with armrests that provide more comfort for the one who sit while in a party.

The Construction of Dining Chairs

There are many kinds of materials that are commonly used to make dining chairs. Even some unique materials instead of wood are also used to make the dining chairs such as rubber, glass, and even recycled paper. One of the most common materials we used for dining chairs is teak wood combine with leather. They are most common materials of elegant dining chairs in a classy dining room design. Even other kinds of materials are also common to be used in making leather dining chair, but wood is the most common material chosen for the more natural look and supporting the classy, colonial design wanted.

The wood materials commonly we used to make the dining chairs frame are the hardwoods like teak and mahogany. Sometimes, the furniture makers also use the unique hardwoods like Mindi wood as well as ebony to design their dining chairs or other materials like iron or stainless steel.

Meanwhile, the most common leather type chosen for dining chair making is the nabati leather (vegetable tan leather), Nabati Leather is “chromium-free” method process, and does not have harmful chemicals. It is a natural leather type, and we use water base color, and wax coating on the top. The coating of the leather materials is purposed to make the leather easier to clean and more durable.

The other leather type are: Chrome leather, suede, pull up, goat hide, cow hide, etc.

Before buying leather dining chair, you may need some considerations such as:

  • Match the design with the elements inside the dining room.
  • Make sure that the size is comfortable enough for every individual to sit while dining; the best size is within 20-24 inches wide.
  • Choose a dining chair that at least has 12 inches distance from the table top for comfortable dining.
  • Pay attention to the cleaning instructions and you might need to purchase furniture insurance in case to replace or repair the leather dining chair when it is accidentally damaged.
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