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The History of American Colonial Leather Furniture

Besides the groundwork, the colonial American also provided unique and rich styles of colonial leather furniture making aspect. There are at least five changes of stylistic in decoration interior modes in this period. Every mode had their trend and favored characteristics. The furniture style got the great influences from the European furniture brought by the settlers as well as the renaissance and medieval designs, although they should fit the American patrons’ need.

Even though the great number of stylistic times covered the colonial era in the history of America, seating supposed obviously throughout them all, because it offered insight into economic and social structures in that time. Even a chair with simplest design was thought as luxury in that period and everyone who sat on the chair should be the most important people inside the room. Meanwhile, visitors or other people in the room commonly would have shared seats on benches, which became simple couches or sofas.

All furniture including the colonial leather throughout this time was handmade and every element of the furniture was made by order. The typical process of the furniture construction was joining and turning the wood, which connected the small pieces of wood or framed out the larger pieces of the wood. Most people in that era though that the custom made furniture was too expensive to afford, moreover if the furniture was made in intricate elements of design such as the Federal Empire furniture style or the furniture with fabrics or carvings.

Benches or stools were the most common seats at homes. They were enthusiastically made to suit the needs of the daytime of the owners. Sofas and couches were very rare in that period because of the expensive fabrics and manufacturing cost. Meanwhile, the daybeds were considered as the furniture of rich people because they could provide comfortable sleeping place for the guests even though it wasn’t in a private room.

The colonial leather furniture began to be appreciated and widely used in the last century of the period. It was considered as wealthy elite furniture that was rarely seen in port side cities and outside the urban. Nowadays, the leather furniture becomes a part of furniture options with classy interior design. It also has been designed in kinds of style to fulfill the needs of the modern people who still love the colonial designs of furniture including sofas, couches, dining chairs, etc.

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Thinking of bringing colonial touch for your home office?

This desk is quite multifunctional and is suitable for those who use PC for activity in daily bases. It is equipped with retractable keyboard tray. Under the top, it has two shelves to provide more spaces for your storage.

In addition, it has 6 large and deep strong drawers which can occupy files or papers. It has top grain genuine cow leather on top of the desk which is built to last long.

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One of top selling products from our company is a bench called Rhynos. This bench as its name tells, is quite strong and sturdy in construction. We have shipped this product to several countries in Europe and also USA. There are two common types of this bench, namely genuine cow leather Rhynos bench and hairy cow or goat hide Rhynos bench.

As it has solid teak wooden frame and upholstered in genuine cow leather with colonial brown finish makes this product strong, durable and most importantly marketable. No wonder our customers repeatedly order this item in mass and continuously reorder again and again

Interested in knowing this product in more details? Write any comment below or send inquiry letter to our e-mail as follows:

Leather bench Rhynos

Rhynos bench with Genuine Cow Leather


Rhynos bench cow hide

Rhynos bench with Natural cow hide


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Scratches on leather furniture must be always visible. Hiding the severe scratches under the pillow is not a good idea. You can repair it by using the repair solution of tintable liquid leather. Besides removing the scratches, the repair liquid also can restore the leather so it becomes strong again so the scratches will not become a tear. You need to test the using of the liquid first in a hidden area to make sure that it can blend the color of the leather well.

Before repairing the scratches, you must clean the leather furniture first. This process will make you determine the damage extent while knowing the leather color, so you will know whether the repair liquid is suitable with the color. Make a cleaning solution from a bowl of warm water and a spurt of dish soap. Dip a white cloth into the solution and the wring most of the moisture out. Use the wet cloth to wipe down the leather and then wipe it again by using another cloth to dry. If you find dirty area, wipe it with a cotton that has been dipped into alcohol liquid.

For a minor scratch like fingerprint scratches, you don’t need to apply the repair kit because the mark is just slightly damage the leather. This kind of scratches can be fixed by warming up the mark by using a hair dryer. Once the leather has been warmed, just rub the surface by using your hand. Otherwise, you can use white vinegar on the scratches so the leather fibers can be swelled up. After the leather dries, rub it with a clear shoe polish by using a white soft cloth. Besides, the leather hydration cream also can be used to rub the leather. For the hidden area of the leather furniture, you can apply shoe polish in the same color with the leather. Rub the polish with a soft cloth.

When the scratches are deep enough and lift the leather furniture fibers, you need to maintain it first. Neat the fibers by using small scissors first o you will see it obviously stick up during the repairing process. If you also find a small tear under the scratch, cut a fabric scrap or a piece of iron-on patch out and then fold it into the small tear. Place the sticky side of iron-on patch side up; make sure it is beneath the center of the tear and extend it outside all edges about 1/8 inch.

If it doesnt work, You can use liquid latex. Put small latex through the area, let it dry and put the same color after.

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Leather dining chair is a great choice of dining chair type to create an elegant and high class look into your dining room. It is important to choose the best dining chair type to make it balance into the room and bring comfort in the same time. Dining chairs must be a chair type with flat and raised surface for sitting individually during mealtimes around a dining table. The chairs have four legs in equal height to support the flat surface. It also has high back that promote good body posture to eat and also support the body weight. More than the general description of a dining table, it is designed in various style to support the dining comfort and also elegance of the dining room. Even some dining chairs are also designed with armrests that provide more comfort for the one who sit while in a party.

The Construction of Dining Chairs

There are many kinds of materials that are commonly used to make dining chairs. Even some unique materials instead of wood are also used to make the dining chairs such as rubber, glass, and even recycled paper. One of the most common materials we used for dining chairs is teak wood combine with leather. They are most common materials of elegant dining chairs in a classy dining room design. Even other kinds of materials are also common to be used in making leather dining chair, but wood is the most common material chosen for the more natural look and supporting the classy, colonial design wanted.

The wood materials commonly we used to make the dining chairs frame are the hardwoods like teak and mahogany. Sometimes, the furniture makers also use the unique hardwoods like Mindi wood as well as ebony to design their dining chairs or other materials like iron or stainless steel.

Meanwhile, the most common leather type chosen for dining chair making is the nabati leather (vegetable tan leather), Nabati Leather is “chromium-free” method process, and does not have harmful chemicals. It is a natural leather type, and we use water base color, and wax coating on the top. The coating of the leather materials is purposed to make the leather easier to clean and more durable.

The other leather type are: Chrome leather, suede, pull up, goat hide, cow hide, etc.

Before buying leather dining chair, you may need some considerations such as:

  • Match the design with the elements inside the dining room.
  • Make sure that the size is comfortable enough for every individual to sit while dining; the best size is within 20-24 inches wide.
  • Choose a dining chair that at least has 12 inches distance from the table top for comfortable dining.
  • Pay attention to the cleaning instructions and you might need to purchase furniture insurance in case to replace or repair the leather dining chair when it is accidentally damaged.
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Recover the leather sofa is a great solution to make your old sofa beaten up by salvaging the frame and then revitalizing the surface. The quality and the strength of the furniture is determined much by the frame; that is why it becomes the most important part. So if you have an old furniture with the frame that is still strong, sturdy and well-maintained, you can replace the leather exterior to preserve the furniture. Besides, you also change the color and texture of the sofa by applying the new cover.

Some steps below are simple to learn about re-covering your leather sofa.

  • Use a needle nose pliers to remove the staples and the upholstery tacks from the leather furniture.
  • Take out the leather fabric and fluttering, avoid of ripping the leather fabric because it will be functioned as the new cover’s template.
  • To have the perfectly same size of new leather fabric with the old one, lay the old fabric onto the new one. Then cut the fabric around by using a mallet.
  • Lay the new leather fabric too to the sofa’s back. Fold the leather fabric into the sides and then pull through the edges. You should fold the leather fabric tightly and then staple it to the wood frame of the furniture.
  • Lay the new fabric over the sofa’s seats. Fold in the taut of the fabric under the frame. Tuck and then staple down.
  • On the arm area, you also should lay the new fabric and then tuck close to the back of the chair, 1/3 of the way forward. Cut an incision in the folded fabric’s center to the fold’s end. Wrap the arm area until the end and then staple it too.

Leather sofa will be like the new one after you have replaced the leather fabric. You can choose another color and also texture for the new leather fabric. To make sure that this DIY project successful, you should understand well about the application of the fabric to the entire surface of the sofa. Tight the fabric well to the sofa before you begin to staple it onto the frame. In this way, you can make sure that the new leather fabric is tidily applied. Then you can have the old sofa with its new look of leather fabric.

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