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Recover the leather sofa is a great solution to make your old sofa beaten up by salvaging the frame and then revitalizing the surface. The quality and the strength of the furniture is determined much by the frame; that is why it becomes the most important part. So if you have an old furniture with the frame that is still strong, sturdy and well-maintained, you can replace the leather exterior to preserve the furniture. Besides, you also change the color and texture of the sofa by applying the new cover.

Some steps below are simple to learn about re-covering your leather sofa.

  • Use a needle nose pliers to remove the staples and the upholstery tacks from the leather furniture.
  • Take out the leather fabric and fluttering, avoid of ripping the leather fabric because it will be functioned as the new cover’s template.
  • To have the perfectly same size of new leather fabric with the old one, lay the old fabric onto the new one. Then cut the fabric around by using a mallet.
  • Lay the new leather fabric too to the sofa’s back. Fold the leather fabric into the sides and then pull through the edges. You should fold the leather fabric tightly and then staple it to the wood frame of the furniture.
  • Lay the new fabric over the sofa’s seats. Fold in the taut of the fabric under the frame. Tuck and then staple down.
  • On the arm area, you also should lay the new fabric and then tuck close to the back of the chair, 1/3 of the way forward. Cut an incision in the folded fabric’s center to the fold’s end. Wrap the arm area until the end and then staple it too.

Leather sofa will be like the new one after you have replaced the leather fabric. You can choose another color and also texture for the new leather fabric. To make sure that this DIY project successful, you should understand well about the application of the fabric to the entire surface of the sofa. Tight the fabric well to the sofa before you begin to staple it onto the frame. In this way, you can make sure that the new leather fabric is tidily applied. Then you can have the old sofa with its new look of leather fabric.

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